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I'm greeting You from St.Petersburg, Russia!
It's my favourite city!
It's really great!

In different time this city had different name - Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad.
I proud not only its beauty but its heroic history, too. My grandperants and mother lived here all time of II World War. Here live many wonderful people.

I graduated from the math-mechanical department of the Leningrad State University. I appreciated the days I studied at this University. I love and treasure the memories connected with the professor and their great desire to give us all possible knowledge of the great sciences such as many different aspects of math, psychology, pedagogics and others.

Then I worked 9 years in a Scientific Research Institute.

When my daughters started school I decided to bring more computer science to school. I started to work at school 157 of the Russian Academy of Education as a teacher of computer science. I try to concentrate my personal interest on new information technologies. I participated in the international Global Thinking Project (GTP) headed by Jack Hassard. I'm still working at school and enjoying my work and the staff of teachers I work with, sharing new ideas and plans with them. Some of the graduates of school 157 become our great friends and helper. They come to school to visit us, to give new ideas and to help to solve some difficulted.

I pay much attention to my family, to my friends, to my students and ...
my dog, cat and other pets.

Thanks for your attantion
Good luck

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