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"Глобальное мышление"

"Global Thinking Project"

Я уже 8 лет участвую в проекте "Глобальное мышление" ( GTP ) . Этот проект дал мне многое и в профессиональном и в общечеловеческом смысле.

Восьмой год в моём арсенале электронная почта, два года - возможность проведения телеконференций через Internet с использованием видеокамеры и CuSeeMe. (см. статью) Можно легко поговорить через ICQ с Америкой, проблема только с разницей во времени. А главное - есть с кем поговорить, и есть о чём говорить. Работа в проекте помогла найти новых друзей. Интересная работа и друзья оказались оптимальными стимулами в изучении английского. И хотя он далёк от совершенства, но и не сравним с уровнем даже трёхлетней давности.

Заокеанские командировки осветили ту сторону меня, которую отсюда плохо видно, хоть я и не луна. Всё критически проанализировав, ещё раз поняля, что мало мы себя любим, отсюда и сложности с раздачей улыбок и интервью.

Замечательно, что благодаря этой работе я познакомилась и подружилась с коллегами из Челябинска, Москвы, Ярославля, Пущино и, конечно, Петербурга

Все эти годы руководит проектом на высоком профессиональном уровне профессор университета штата Джорджия - Джек Хассард. Он ясно видит перспективы работы и чётко ведет всю команду намеченным курсом. Поэтому есть уверенность, что у этого проекта интересное большое будущее.

См. о GTP в сайте 157 школы



Information technology at St. Petersburg School 157:

School 157 has participated in the Global Thinking Project (GTP) for about ten years and computer technology has played an important part in our participation for seven years. This present moment allows us the opportunity to summarize the results of our past work and plans for the future.

The main focus of GTP has been towards ecological problems, but each year information technology has played a greater role in the project and its role will continue to grow. The goal of the work is to bring up young people with an awareness of the global problems faced by mankind and with a sense having responsibility for the event occuring and for the responsibility of each person in his own activity. This results not only in the ecological literacy of the participants of the project, but in communication through the Internet, because the fact that one's work can be noticed and appreciated in any part of the world increases one's personal responsibelity.

For me and the other teachers, the fact that practically all the students of the senior forms in our school are involved in this work is of special significance. Due to our own effort web-page has been created and it is continually being improved. The history of its creation would require another article, but the present pages are now in their third version. The knowledge gained by my students and myself has allowed us to make up a new syllabus for the fifth through eighth forms. The syllabus is oriented on students' acquisition of stable skills for the use of new information technologies which students will take with them beyond school. Included are:
- an ability to search effectively and correctly for information in different situations beginning with help programs and computer encyclopedias including search engines.
- the use of e-mail
- learning how to produce web pages
- the ability to pay attention to etiquitte and aesthetics of these sorts of work.

To give the experience of work with information technologies and the way that it effects and supports the program of instructions in the 9-11 forms, as well as we discussing certain legal questions that have arised with the use of the internet. The work on the project GTP has also allowed us to discuss with students the philisophical implications of the "information society."

(join work with american colleagues:)
At the present moment, it is very important that our work with our partner school Chamblee can serve as an example of genuine cooperation.

(business contacts:)
It is very important that this year we have had a lot of plesant business and other contacts with high level professionals in different areas with computer technologies.

(seminars and conference:)
But we understand that no information "super-technology" can replace or eliminate living human relations. Therefore the seminars which have been conducted in America and Russia as part of the GTP project have been critcally important for the development of this work.